Covid 19 Mask Accessory

It started with a friend of mine.  Her husband was making these on a 3D Printer because he saw the story about Quinn.  The design was available on “Thingyverse” on line, designed by Ken Lord and available to the public. They asked anyone and everyone to make them and donate to anyone who needed them.  Unfortunately it takes about an hour to make one.  When my friend told me about it and showed me the part, I knew we could help. Marino, the owner of MSB Industries, decided immediately to make a mould and start producing to make parts as soon as we could and start to donate.  We contacted Quinn Callander, in BC and spoke to his mother Heather Roney.  Found that they had so much demand that they couldn’t keep up and we promised to supply them.  MSB is making 8,000 parts a day and has the ability to make tens of thousands a day if needed. 

Proudly made in Canada

Available to Long Term Care Homes, Police, Prison, Home Care workers, Grocery store workers and Manufacturing etc.

MSB Industries Mask Accessory how to use instruction card


"On behalf of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department, thank you so much for your generous donation of the mask straps. It is so appreciated and will help keep the medical team safe and continue to provide healthcare excellence to our patients. They are already being put to good use. We hope you and your families stay safe!
Medical Director, Emergency Department Montreal Children’s Hospital, MUHC